A Thankful Weekend

As a very talented worrier, I find that it’s important to consciously stay thankful for the positive things in life. Although I hope I’m not a negative person, things can overwhelm me and I often become very anxious when surrounded by change or uncertainty. There are many ways in which I try to stay thankful– I pray a lot, and every night before bed I write down all the things I’m grateful for that day. Also I try to live in the moment and enjoy things instead of worrying about them. It’s challenging for me, but I think I’m getting better. Of course, Thanksgiving fell last weekend and was the “official” day for being thankful. With this post, I wanted to share some photos of my Thanksgiving weekend while also detailing the greatest blessings in my life!

Thanksgiving 001

I love the dramatic colours of autumn, and incorporated them into my Thanksgiving centrepiece

Over Thanksgiving I was surrounded by my family and dearest friends, which was wonderful. I’m naturally a private and reserved person and I don’t have dozens of friends, but that just means I hold those whom I do know all the more closely. Being homeschooled by a stay-at-home mum, I’ve spent an awful lot of time with my family, and I’m extremely attached to them. As for friends, I’m spoiled– whether it’s random notes left for me at work, kind words and commiseration when I’m having a stressful day, an unexpected ride to a restaurant on my lunch break, or unwavering support and advice through all of life’s painful challenges, my friends always surprise me. I am deeply blessed to have all these amazing and unique people in my life!

Thanksgiving 010

I must say, I’m always grateful to have a pint of London Pride!!

Most of my time now is spent at the Barrie Mitsubishi dealership; and although it’s becoming increasingly stressful and busy at work, I am really glad to have this job. It came about so unexpectedly and it honestly has done wonders for not only my bank account but also my skills and confidence. Now that I spend my days interacting with new people, lifting 18” tyres, and cleaning cars to a high standard, I have much more confidence in my physical abilities as well as myself as a person. Working at Mitsubishi has had such an effect on me, and it’s a shame that this effect can’t really be put into words or measured with numbers!

Thanksgiving 012

Goose was on the menu– I’m fortunate to live in a country where food is varied and plentiful

Of course, I am so grateful for the usual things like food, warmth, and shelter. But I’m also blessed to be able to pursue awesome activities such as ice hockey, writing, and travelling. There are so many leisure activities which millions of people around the world would count as luxuries and would simply not have the means to pursue.

Thanksgiving 014

This Thanksgiving I was brave (or resigned) enough to eat some swede– and I actually enjoyed it!

Being British, both in citizenship and in personal identity, is also a great blessing and a huge source of pride for me. I’m so glad that my dad is a Londoner and that I’ve been able to visit Britain so many times. I can’t believe sometimes that I’m actually part of the greatest culture in the world– Great Britain is a model of success for many nations, and British culture has an unmistakeable appeal worldwide. It’s a privilege to be a Brit, and although one can’t help where one is born, I’m grateful that I’m British!

Thanksgiving 021

My dog Crumpet tucking in healthily to his portion of goose. He is a true Jacobs and loves his food!

Crumpet is something I’m thankful for every single day. It’s such a delight to see a happy jumping dog at the door after a long day at work, and Crumpet has such a sweet personality. Actually he’s quite a miscreant at times, but even when he steals my socks or shreds the contents of my Kleenex box, I can’t help but love him.

Thanksgiving 024

My mum makes the best apple crisp ever. It’s a perfect way to celebrate the occasion of Thanksgiving!

There are so many things I have to be thankful for. Even on miserable days when I feel hopeless and upset, I can always think of a few blessings to record before bed in my little book of blessings– even if they’re as seemingly trivial and omnipresent as sunshine or my driver’s license! This post is late for Thanksgiving, but I believe that the point of Thanksgiving is to mark something we should be doing all the time. I know I have to– being grateful doesn’t even have to align with a religion or belief system, it’s just a positive way to live life. Consciously being grateful has certainly helped me to enjoy myself more and make more out of my life!


8 thoughts on “A Thankful Weekend

  1. A very personal post, it was brave of you to reveal so much of yourself. I hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving the spread looked absolutely delightful. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

    • Thank you very much. I’m glad it resonated with you! Thanksgiving was wonderful, very relaxing and the dinner was scrumptious! I hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one as well.

      • Being over the pond we of course don’t celebrate it – more of a harvest time. It tends to be church related. We do special things in school and go tongue church but personally I don’t do anything at home. But thank you anyway I enjoyed our harvest it is a nice time.

      • Well I’m glad you’re enjoying the season anyway. I do hope autumn in the UK has been warmer than it has been here– we had our first snow on the weekend!

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