The Loveliness of London

My dad and brother are currently enjoying a week-long trip to London, and are making a point of touring all the best pubs and military museums. Needless to say, I am jealous! But I’ve been trying to combat this jealousy by enjoying some British delights of my own at home– I’ve been drinking lots of tea, eating way too many chips, and watching  a few hours of British telly almost every night. It’s nothing like actually being there, but it helps. So with my mind on London, I figured this would be the perfect time to revisit some of the reasons I miss and love this great city so much! All photos are from my most recent trip to London (in April of 2015) and I do hope you enjoy them.

London 2015 Adair 033

London has some amazing river views, like this one of St. Paul’s Cathedral. The Thames is the very heart of England’s capital

London 2015 Adair 185

London is full of fabulous cars, thanks to its general affluence, history, and reasonable climate. I never see cars as unusual as this vintage Bentley in Canada

London 2015 Adair 1168

Even small supermarkets offer great food. On my last night in London I enjoyed Kentish ale, a butter chicken sandwich, and crisps

London 2015 Adair 303

Whispers of World War II are all around London. This scene is from the Churchill War Rooms beneath Whitehall

London 2015 Adair 380

The age of London is incredible. This hatter’s shop dates from 1676

London 2015 Adair 564

Highgate Cemetery was one of the most memorable places I’ve visited anywhere in the world. It’s one of London’s most unique attractions

London 2015 Adair 1099

In London, one can get (relatively) close to royalty. These are the stables in the Royal Mews, which house Her Majesty’s carriage horses

London 2015 Adair 1163

London’s green spaces and gardens are superb, considering it’s such a metropolis. This lovely water garden is at Kensington Palace

London 2015 Adair 250

London wouldn’t be London without its pubs.

London 2015 Adair 257

Every pub has a story, and each one is unique despite the fact that many are now controlled by breweries and offer set menus. 

London 2015 Adair 442

Pub grub and the friendly pub atmosphere are sorely missed when I’m back in Canada. Although many establishments try, there’s nothing that comes close to an authentic pub around here.


8 thoughts on “The Loveliness of London

  1. I came for a few months to visit my boyfriend, who unsuccessfully tried to convince me that British pubs and “pub culture” were special. Now that I’m back, living with my husband, I can appreciate how they are nicer than restaurants and bars. More like a favorite cafe – with a menu and beer! 🙂

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