The Pale October Sun

October is gone, and I’m sad about that since it’s one of my favourite months. And even though November has been strangely nice this year, I’m still partial to October’s pale sun and colourful leaves. I think I also appreciate October because it was such a pivotal time during the Battle of Moscow in 1941– the autumn rains came and the temperature dropped; while Moscow and the Red Army braced for a desperate fight against the Wehrmacht. All of this contributed to the Soviet Union’s eventual victory in World War II, and especially around this time of year remembering such things is important to do! So to commemorate the Battle of Moscow and to celebrate my favourite non-summer season, here is a beautiful and unique outfit I created through Polyvore.
The Pale October Sun


For me, the 1940s dress with muted colours and a floral print conjures up visions of faded grandeur, which is rather appropriate for autumn. Paired with an extraordinary military-style cape and olive-coloured shoes and handbag for continuity, a vintage military flavour is added. The decade of the 1940s is solidified as the dominant theme by the gold jewellery and glamourous red makeup. To me, October is one of the most beautiful and meaningful months of the year; and I hope my outfit reflects that!

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