I Wish you Well, my Lonely Friend: A Poem

I wrote this poem a few days before Remembrance Day; and given the context of war and the fear of death I hope it has a sort of honest sentimentality to it. I envision this poem as being between two friends, one of whom has died and the other of whom doesn’t wish to be forgotten and left behind. But if I’ve written it effectively at all, then you should gather that just from the poem itself! Although the first two lines have been in my head for months, I only took about twenty minutes to write the entire poem; so I hope that you, my readers, still find it polished and appealing.

I Wish you Well, my Lonely Friend

I wish you well, my lonely friend

On this, your chosen journey

But will you ever think of me

At some uncertain turning?

For it was in life that we shared,

And change tears much apart;

So my lasting prayer will be

That I may remain in your heart.

But if you cannot remember,

Then I’ll remember enough for us two

Until time recalls me to your mind,

Or our memories prove too few.

Friend, I wish for you to know me

Wherever it is you are;

And if you miss me like I miss you

Then I’ll never be too far.


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