A True Story of Christmas

I first posted this musical review last year, but I just had to again this Christmastime. It’s such a wonderful story and it’s especially meaningful to me personally this year. I hope that all my readers who celebrate Christmas have a happy, peaceful, and inspiring one (just like the spirit of this story); and to everyone else I wish happiness and peace this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Keep Calm and Remember

Some of the world’s most moving stories are those based on true events; real stories re-imagined in ways that celebrate our humanity, acknowledge our losses, and educate through our failings. This past Thursday night, I was fortunate enough to experience such a story at the debut performance of “The Child”. A musical production staged by my friend’s church, “The Child” was an original story inspired by the World War I Christmas truce and created entirely by members of the church. Because of the wonderfully relevant subject matter of the musical, I was really looking forward to attending. I’m sure the 1914 Christmas truce is on a lot of people’s minds this holiday season, and it has certainly been on mine.

"The Child" ticket

My ticket and program for the evening’s show

Although there was an appalling snowstorm on Thursday, I managed to make it to the church, and it was lovely to see that…

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