My Lovely (Green) Christmas

I hope that you, my followers, all had a very happy Christmas; and that you’re all ready for a positive and successful year in 2016! My Christmas was very green but it was wonderful. I really felt the Christmas spirit this year, and it made not only the day but the whole season all the more rewarding and enjoyable.

Christmas 2016 013

My family’s Christmas tree for 2015. Unlike previous trees, it hasn’t fallen over… yet

Upon my insistence, my family had a sit-down breakfast on Christmas morning. We had soldiers and eggs with Earl Grey tea which was a gift for Christmas! It made me very happy because it was so English, and I got to spend time with the family.

Christmas 2016 010

My brother and I adored soldiers as kids and continually begged my dad to make them for us!

After breakfast, it was present time. My dog Crumpet was, as usual, in the middle of everything– I think he enjoys the physical process of opening presents more than anyone else in the family does! He certainly insists on helping to open every present himself.

Christmas 2016 016

Crumpet shredding some parcel wrapping, with his glorious mess of paper in the background

My family spoiled me this year with gifts, and I don’t know why! I got a really nice combination of things on my wishlist and things which are ideal but which I didn’t ask for!

Christmas 2.0 2016 013

On left, a shortwave radio– I can pick up transmissions from around the world and from aircraft as well! On right, a manual for the Ford Ranger/Mazda B-series trucks. We at Mitsubishi have a Ford Ranger as our work truck, and I love it. I’m considering buying one for myself, hence the manual!

Christmas 2.0 2016 025

A ravishing vintage RCAF cushion, which my dad rescued from a display case at his work! The colours are gorgeous and it’s going to look amazing in my room

The gift I’ve gotten the most use out of so far was the one I opened on Christmas Eve. It was two Scorpions albums!! Although until this year I only knew the Scorpions’ biggest hits, now that I’ve listened to more of their music I love basically everything they do. And these two albums, 1982’s Blackout and 1993’s Face the Heat, are no different. They’re AMAZING, and I’ve already discovered several new favourite songs! I only wish I had Klaus Meine’s voice so I could hit all those notes…

Christmas 2016 007

The house is going to be shaking with the sound of the Scorpions for several months to come!

Crumpet was also spoiled, I gave him three presents which he has already left strewn about the house. He has a short attention span when it comes to toys, but every now and again he rediscovers them and enjoys them for five minutes or so! I was also glad that, now having a fulltime job, I was able to make a decent donation to my brother to use on his car. He has a 1981 Camaro Z28 which is not the cheapest vehicle to run nor to fix up– it’s in pieces in the garage at the moment, and I’m excited that I can help both monetarily and materially to get it back on the road in tip-top shape!

After presents, we went for our customary Christmas walk. There was no need to bundle up this year– it was about 6 above and sunny. Usually I’m out in my fur coat and ushanka on Christmas, so it was an unusual walk this year!

Christmas 2016 024

Crumpet, being the centre of attention as usual

Christmas 2016 027

Everyone behaving nicely for the camera

Christmas 2016 034

After our walk, Crumpet was done for the day. So I wrapped him in tissue paper and took a selfie, naturally…

And of course, Christmas dinner was a fixture of the day. I dislike turkey, so this year I got to have beef Wellington! It was store bought, but I enjoyed it, along with some sweet potatoes, mushy peas (from rather the opposite end of the social scale to beef Wellington!), a boiled potato just for me, and some Zinfandel. For dessert again this year, we had sticky toffee pudding– but it was gone before I could get a picture!

Christmas 2.0 2016 001

Our Christmas spread

Christmas 2.0 2016 010

Of course Crumpet got a special Christmas dinner too! Turkey is one of his favourite foods.

Once we were as full as we could get, we watched the 1951 film adaption of A Christmas Carol, and Her Majesty’s Christmas message. Both have become customs within my family and I always look forward to them! My Christmas this year, as you’ve seen, was full of good food, fun times, and cheer with the family. I hope that yours was as well, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this account of my green yet lovely Christmas!


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