Auld Lang Syne

Every New Year’s, I take time to reflect upon my year and remember all the good times, tough lessons, and wonderful people who accompanied me through the year. And although I’ve been poorly this New Year’s, I’ve had one of the greatest times of reflection yet. 2015 was unparalleled so far in terms of the people I met and experience I gained; thanks completely to my new job at Mitsubishi. Such a wonderful year has given me great confidence and hope for the year ahead.Auld Lang Syne


Auld Lang Syne by adairjacobs on Polyvore
To celebrate the hopeful and reflective spirit of New Year’s, I have created this outfit on Polyvore. It has a 1940s feel and utilizes comforting colours of cream, claret, and green; which recall “old acquaintance” and the happy times of the past. But the bold silhouettes of the shoes, handbag, and wide-leg pants demonstrate purpose; and a certain determination towards whatever the new year may bring. I hope you appreciate my vision of this ensemble, and have the same time to reflect and simultaneously look ahead as I have this year!

4 thoughts on “Auld Lang Syne

  1. If I was a woman I’d come here for fashion advice. Your outfits are remarkable and so well put together. Congratulations on all that you achieved last year and here’s to more this year. A great mix of articles.

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