Every evening after work– especially when it’s been a long, cold, overwhelming day– I enjoy nothing more than relaxing by watching TV with my family. Usually we watch British telly, and British telly has yielded some fantastic shows in the past six months! For me, watching TV isn’t a totally mindless pursuit; as I generally write in my journal while watching and also pay attention to the sets and costumes of the program, especially if it’s historical! One of the best programs for my study has been ITV’s Jekyll and Hyde, which is based on the classic by Robert Louis Stevenson but which incorporates sci-fi and fantasy elements as well. It’s set in 1930s London, and there could hardly be a setting I’d appreciate more! Jekyll and Hyde is a gripping series with wonderful acting and amazing sets, and in fact it has inspired my latest creation on Polyvore.Charming


Charming by adairjacobs on Polyvore
This outfit is a direct homage to the character of Bella Charming in Jekyll and Hyde; who is a feisty and independent proprietor of a drinking hall in London. Throughout the series she wears a stunning green evening dress and a full complement of jewellery, but is never crippled by her formal wear and even manages to punch out unruly patrons while wearing it! Some vein of unexpected toughness is what I always seek to emulate, especially in my job at Mitsubishi where tyres need to be carried around and snow needs to be shovelled– I guess that’s why I chose Bella Charming as the inspiration for this post!

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