And Then There Was Fashion

It’s a fact of fashion that trends come and go– but that they sometimes resurface as well. Recently we’ve seen the revival of ’70s style, 1980s-esque activewear, and even of 1920s style thanks to the cultural influence of The Great Gatsby. But now I’m beginning to see a subtle revival which greatly pleases me– a renaissance of 1930s and 1940s style! This is thanks partly to the influence of TV programs and films; like Agent Carter in North America and Jekyll and Hyde in the UK (which can be watched for the fashion as well as the story), but it’s also impacted by the runway. Victoria Beckham has in the past shown dresses with a modern take on 1940s silhouettes, and brands like Alexander McQueen and Balmain are well-known for utilizing military style and deep colours which all evoke a 1940s look.  And Then There Was Fashion


One of the latest programs to capitalize on the 1930s/1940s theme is the BBC’s adaption of And Then There Were None, which is a thrilling novel by Agatha Christie. My family and I watched this miniseries, which was incredibly suspenseful and fascinating. I absolutely loved it, and I don’t think I’ve ever watched a program so full of tension and suspense. The island setting, too, was brilliant– so dreary and grim, which contrasted with the rich interior design and beautiful 1930s fashions. This latest Polyvore set was inspired by one of the main characters, Miss Claythorne; who, although she has a dark past (you really should watch the miniseries to find out more!) also possesses a wonderful taste in fashion!

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