Some Throwback Poetry

It’s been very strange not blogging for nearly the past month! It was not the easiest thing to give up during Lent, but I’m glad I did it. It made me more reflective and less dependent on technology; which made it easier to remember the relationship I have with God. I would say that it was a worthwhile decision. Now I just have to go the remaining two Lenten weeks without tea!! I am glad to now be back at Keep Calm and Remember, and throughout my absence have given some thought to new post ideas and themes to explore.

Today, however, I felt a bit lazy– so I am simply sharing a very old piece of poetry I wrote. Over the course of about five years when I was younger, I wrote prolifically (much more than I do now, I’m sorry to say); and filled an entire notebook with poems and verses. As I read back over that poetry last week, I was struck by my naivety and optimism, and also by my command of language and rhythym! I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant– to temper it, I’ll admit that I don’t think my poetry has improved a great deal since I was a kid!

Here is the poem I’ve selected for today– depending on your reaction, I may turn this “throwback poetry” into a series, and share more poems from my younger days. I wrote this in late 2001 when I was seven years old, and because of its rich imagery, gentle optimism, and rhyming it’s always been one of my favourite creations. I do hope you like it.

O, When the Tree-tops Glisten

O, when the tree-tops glisten, glisten, glisten so

The birds of silver and nests of gold listen, listen, listen.

Then the trees of bronze stand before the sun as if she were their queen.

The whole world of amethyst glimmers, glimmers, glimmers so!

The ruby flowers have golden petals, and the whole world is happy.


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