An Easter Poem

I hope you are all having a happy Easter weekend! I’ve been eating lots of chocolate eggs this week and am looking forward to some Easter celebrations with my family. But on a more solemn note, today I wanted to share a poem I wrote in April 2009 about the original Good Friday.

The Face of Hope

The darkness clings

The shadows race

Like chilling water in their pace

What living things

Can enlighten, and sins erase?

What seems to be

Has come and gone

Warriors now stand alone

Look, now they see

The face of hope; waxy, wan.

This face, it dies

The hope expired

Doomed to pay in dark fire

For all the lies

Darkness conspired.

But yet they see

The truth lives there

The cloud of questioning will tear

Away with sin;

And the spirit to the air.

The face returns

Eternally animate

The blemishes to acquit

No more to burn

Our Face of Hope, hallowed.


Easter is a fun time for everyone; it signals the onset of spring, and it’s full of associations with cute baby animals and Easter egg hunts. But the Easter weekend has a deeper meaning which goes back two thousand years, and that’s what I always try to remember and commemorate. Easter demonstrates to me that there is always hope even through the most terrible uncertainty and adversity; and that hope will always win. I hope that you enjoyed my poem, and that you also enjoy whatever Easter means to you.


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