Fashion is Every Day

Followers of this blog will know that I am a great fan of fashion; and am an advocate of polished, vintage-inspired outfits in any situation! However, the nature of my job means that five days a week I am covered in dirt, grease, and grime; forced to wear work boots while my beloved collection of high heels collects dust in my closet! I don’t mind this as much as I thought I would, however. I actually feel quite pretty at work sometimes, perhaps because being in an environment where I am capable of driving any car, moving tyres, and shouldering the responsibility of organising half a department makes me feel confident. And in the year I’ve been working at Mitsubishi, I’ve found that it is possible to still look cool in work clothes.Fashion is Every Day


This outfit is representative of what I wear to work. Skinny jeans are comfy, durable (because I have spilled cleaning chemicals and grease on myself before), and they tuck nicely into work boots! I like to wear either a bright- or deep-coloured T-shirt, and sometimes wear stripes which remind me of the telnyashka worn by the Soviet/Russian armed forces. Atop that, I generally wear a hoodie. Hoodies are comfortable, and their pockets are useful when I’m carrying loads of keys! My work boots are pretty standard– they used to give me blisters, but they’ve worn in nicely. I always feel like a mechanic when I put them on, since I plus three of four mechanics at my shop have nearly identical pairs! Finally, I can’t go to work without a little bit of embellishment… namely, jewellery! I have forgotten on a few occasions to wear earrings to work, and I can’t describe the sinking feeling I get when that happens. Of course, I can’t wear anything dangly, so I stick to simple stud earrings which still add a bit of femininity and polish! For me, fashion is something that is relevant every day; regardless of workplace or occupation. Even though I know I’ll be exhausted and messy by the end of the day, I still take pride in planning a cohesive and attractive outfit every morning!

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