A Daffodil Dream

There are finally some daffodils blooming in the garden at my house, and that makes me very happy! Daffodils are one of my favourite flowers, and I wish they would bloom all year long. These merry little flowers have a lot of positive associations and memories for me– they remind me of the 1983 film adaption of The Pirates of Penzance which I always watched as a child, and due to the silliness of the film that makes me laugh. Daffodils also remind me of a wonderful trip to Penshurst Place in Kent years ago; my brother and I were chasing each other through a crop of daffodils until he ended up falling. I only just avoided disaster by jumping over him at the last minute, and we still laugh about that episode today. And of course daffodils are a symbol of Wales– I love Wales, and am very proud of my Welsh heritage.A Daffodil Dream


It should be self-evident that this outfit is inspired by the daffodil. I love the cheerful colours and frilly faces of daffodils, and love that they bloom during one of the happiest seasons of the year! Of course, there has to be something faintly military in all my outfits, so I used a beautiful olive green waterfall coat in this one. Simple jeans provide a neutral bottom half, while a ruffled white top recalls the ruffled petals of daffodils. Rather shocking shots of yellow and orange are introduced through the handbag and Hermes scarf; and beige Burberry booties and dusty blush lipstick allow these pieces to shine. Finally, vintage sunglasses and gold Chanel jewellery give the classic, polished look that I always strive for. I hope that this outfit is just as sunny as the flowers which inspired it!

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