For the Love of Flowers

Upon finding out that the illustrious Chelsea Flower Show was on this past week, I couldn’t help but post an outfit in honour of it! I doubt I’ll ever be a proper gardener- I’d rather be in a greasy garage than a pile of mulch outside- but I do appreciate flowers and all plants for their beauty and utility. Nothing completes a tea table like a vase of flowers, and I’m sure that whenever I have my own house I will also have flowers– even if they’re only in low-maintenance pots! For the Love of Flowers


I’m not much in favour of pastel colours generally speaking, but there’s something to be said for them in this outfit! A faintly salmon top pairs beautifully with a chintz midi skirt; and these separates are livened up with shots of dramatic, rather autumnal colours in the shoes, lipstick, and Mulberry bag. Vintage-look sunglasses add the ’40s feel that I always strive for, while nail polish by Essie (in Her Majesty’s favourite shade, no less!) add a modern twist. Finally, vintage jewellery with hints of green gives one last hurrah to nature and all its glory. I hope you enjoy this outfit!

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