Some Throwback Poetry: Pt. 3

Despite it being a beautiful sunny June outside, I seem to have gotten a cold and am not feeling exceptionally well. I feel sluggish and not too motivated about blogging unfortunately, so I’m going to be lazy and share some throwback poetry again! I’m hoping that tomorrow I might feel well and awake enough to write something new, but today I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with leftovers!

This poem was written when I was around nine or ten, and was quite obsessed with the story of the Cottingley Fairies.  I think most little girls want to believe that fairies and unicorns and other such fanciful creatures are somehow real; and I was no different. I loved the intrigue of fantastical stories and mythological things.

The Fairies

The willows weep

While the fairies sleep,

Their thin gold wings a-blazing

The crystal pools

Entice mere fools

To sit forever, gazing.

The moon shines bright

Throughout the night

Where fairies are a-dreaming;

The elegant trees

Rustle their leaves

Black the world is seeming.

The morn now comes

And violet plums

By fairies are a-eaten,

The wind is warm,

There is a storm

But the fairies are a-sleeping.

The dewdrops fall

The wind doth call

The fairies out of sleeping.


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