A Petrolhead’s Paradise: Pt. 1

Most people enjoy visiting England for the culture, or the history, or the food– and then there are people like me; petrolheads, who especially enjoy visiting for the cars. The streets of England are very different from the ones I’m accustomed to in Canada. Here, large SUVs and trucks are favoured; there, economical hatchbacks and wagons are preferred by most people.

The streets of London are different still. London is a fantastic place to see awesome cars. Locales like Kensington and Chelsea are full of wealth and, by extension, full of expensive cars like Maseratis, Aston Martins, Rolls-Royces, and Lamborghinis. Even outside the posh neighbourhoods, motoring exclusivity is everywhere. On my last trip (April 2015), I was on the lookout for nice cars, and there wasn’t one day I was disappointed!!

London 2015 Adair 070 edited

Back in April 2015, I’d been enthusiastically working at Mitsubishi for less than a month. Therefore I was incredibly excited to find this Mitsubishi pickup truck (not offered for sale in North America) parked in Greenwich!

London 2015 Adair 183 edited

The Mercedes in the background is covered in Swarovski crystals. I had actually seen an article on this car some weeks before on the internet… apparently it is often seen around the posh locales of London. All I can say is, unfortunately money doesn’t buy good taste.

London 2015 Adair 185

The blingy crystal Mercedes was followed by something much more appealing; this immaculate Bentley. I think it’s an old Continental coupe.

London 2015 Adair 200 edited

I saw this incredible vintage Jaguar outside Sir John Soane’s museum in Holborn. This is one of my dream cars– an old Jag in British racing green, of course!

London 2015 Adair 431 edited

My mum loves the original Mini, and we always keep our eyes open for them in England. We saw this one in Hammersmith…

London 2015 Adair 432 edited

…almost immediately followed by a garish pink modern Mini, complete with eyelashes over the headlights. What would John Cooper say?

London 2015 Adair 450 edited

The roads of England are well-populated with motorbikes of all kinds since they’re economical and small. I took a photo of this gorgeous Triumph for my brother, who is eager to get his own motorbike one day

London 2015 Adair 663

Not far from our rented flat in Bayswater, amongst beautiful white plaster terraced houses, was this very British Lotus. I detail a whole array of cars at work, but I hope someday to get the chance to detail a car like this!!

London 2015 Adair 948

In Kensington, an enormous Rolls-Royce. It’s always interesting to wonder who is behind the wheel of cars like this

London 2015 Adair 1023 edited

A military presence on the Strand! A hulking truck like this would be something to drive through the narrow, congested streets of London

These are only some of the awesome vehicles I saw on my trip to London… watch for part two for the rest! It really is cool to go to a place that has such a wide range of vehicles. It’s just a shame that, in the slow, congested traffic of London, you never get to hear the Bentley W12s and roaring Lamborghinis to full effect!




4 thoughts on “A Petrolhead’s Paradise: Pt. 1

  1. I was at the lotus works in Norfolk a week or so ago, (built on a former airfield) they have a test track and from certain positions you can see the cars being put through their paces.

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