Echoes of Africa

If I’ve learned anything over the past week, it’s that working in 40 C humidity is not an enjoyable thing to do. I usually hate the idea of a desk job, but this week sitting idle in an air-conditioned room would have been much nicer than moving a trailer full of cumbersome parts and washing cars like I was doing. But, my fellow suffering shop-workers and I made the best of it– living on freezies and huddling near the desk fans whenever we had a moment to spare. We managed, it’s just a shame that this coming week is going to be just as hot and sticky… Anyway, at least the heat inspired my latest post. Hot climates have a certain allure to them, and today I was inspired by the bright colours and rich history of Africa.Echoes of Africa


I began with traditional safari-style separates; in this case, a vintage safari jacket and chic green trousers. A camel-coloured tank top continues the colourway, inspired by the vast expanses of the Serengeti. The Salvatore Ferragamo scarf adds a classic touch of animal print, while aviators protect against the glaring African sun. Shoes by Christian Louboutin pick up on the yellow in the stand-out tribal-inspired handbag; and fiery red lipstick adds the vintage glamour I always strive for. Finally, the colours in the citrine jewellery recall the brilliance of an African sunset. I’ve never been to Africa, but thanks to this outfit (and the infernal heat of this week) I feel pretty close to it right now!

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