The Shards of Childhood: A Poem

A lot of things have been changing in my life over the last little while. I have had very dear friends leave my place of employment, and the very location of most of my work has also changed. The wall in my corner of the shop was demolished recently to make room for new equipment, and now I am working completely removed from the shop in a room outside. It’s been an adjustment, but I am gradually learning to make adjustments! So although my new situation is different, it’s not all bad. I still see my friends, and have made my new work area (almost) feel like home… minus the banter and amusing comments of the mechanics, of course.

I am viewing all these changes with a great deal of optimism and “keep calm and carry on” spirit; but that said, there was a moment once the shop wall was demolished that really struck me. I had a lot of happy times with truly awesome people in that shop, and to see part of it torn down and visibly gone (as well as to be leaving it myself) was sad. The shop was quiet; and as I stood amidst the rubble of the broken wall I imagined how someone living in World War II might have felt, if they were standing in the ruins of their home or workplace and remembering all the happy times past. That moment, although it was a rare gloomy one in a time of general hope, yielded this poem; the setting and subject of which should be self-evident when you read it. As always, I do hope you appreciate it.

The Shards of Childhood

These villains have shattered

With their guns and their mortars, hammers and fists

All that once mattered

To this lonely Vyazma child with a wish.


My street now a graveyard,

There is nothing left that isn’t ash or dust

I walk silent, on guard

With a feeling inside more fatal than rust.


My footsteps fall slow

Crunching over pieces of memories on the ground

The sorrow that I now know

Whether wise or bitter, is all around.


My home destroyed

And childhood’s sweet joy in the hands of thieves

Despair I cannot avoid

It whispers to me like the listless Russian leaves.


2 thoughts on “The Shards of Childhood: A Poem

  1. I can really visualize the setting, and the mood is perfectly captured by the line “crunching on pieces of memories on the ground”.
    I would, personally, have liked to see a ray of hope at the end, but that is just me!
    Nice work!

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