A Garden Built by Thieves: A Poem

This past week, I’ve been low on inspiration. I feel bad for not blogging at all last weekend, but I was just exhausted and I didn’t want to post when my heart wasn’t in it. Today I am still exhausted because work isn’t getting any easier, but I have a poem to share with you. I wrote it over the summer, and I hope you will enjoy it!

A Garden Built by Thieves

Vagrants, perhaps, we shall become

Wandering, ever searching

Though better seen as pilgrims, some

For we follow what is holy.


Goodness grows no longer here

In this garden built by thieves

We toiled so to keep the ground clear

But there is nothing now but weeds.


This place we loved, now overrun

Invaded by beetles and thorns

The disease here will not be undone

And all life remaining mourns.


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