An Everyday Flair

I’m fortunate– dressing for work is never much of a problem for me. Since I work in an automotive shop, I have no choice but to wear work boots and grubby clothes. Even if I don’t look grubby when I arrive at work in the morning, I’m basically guaranteed to by the time I leave at 5 pm! This makes my non-work fashion choices much more interesting. Once at home, it’s often straight into athletic clothes or pajamas; but on the weekends and when I go out I value dressing up even more than I used to.An Everyday Flair


This look completely adheres to my fashion formula! I like unfussy separates, like the skinny jeans, basic tank top, and olive green blazer seen here. Most of my outfits have some sort of military or 1940s inspiration; and this ensemble is no different thanks to the red nail polish, leather lace-up booties, and classic Hermes scarf. Aviators are my go-to sunglasses and they go with everything, while gemstone jewellery and a crocodile handbag add a luxurious touch. Wearing outfits like this, I almost forget that most of the time I’m in old t-shirts covered in grease and dust!

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