It’s Only a Page: A Poem

Everyone goes through phases in life. At the end of last year I left a tumultuous yet overall positive one; after leaving a job which caused me much stress yet taught me even more. It taught me to go through negativity with hope for the future, to enjoy the small things, and to take charge of not only my attitudes but my life as well. Even though we do face phases with definitive themes, every day is a new opportunity to create something great. That job overhauled my outlook; because through its adversity I realised that good things do still happen and changes are often not far off!

That job also brought me a number of really wonderful friends. These friends, along with the laughter, companionship, and support they give me, make all of life’s phases easier to deal with. Troubles seem a little bit lessened when you know you’re not alone. The following poem speaks to the different chapters of life, and the idea that even bad times don’t last forever and need not be faced alone. I hope it resonates with you, as it has come from a very honest place in my heart.

It’s Only a Page

If you are lonely

And do not feel whole,

Look not to your heart

Nor to your soul–

But look to the chapter

Which your footsteps now read

Some chapters are joyful,

While others spell need.

And do not despair

For it’s only a page

In the volumes of time,

Writ as you age;

Let your heart be glad

And your soul aware–

For one day, my friend

Your story I’ll share.


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