My debut novel, A Calling Above Oneself, is now available through Kobo! It can be found using this link. A Calling Above Oneself is an adventure novel set on the Eastern Front of World War II, and it will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys an exciting story or who has an interest in World War II or military history.


A quiet student, Galya Kazimirova has always loved books and history, but despite her passion for them, is content with simply studying these subjects. However, it is mid-1941 and German invaders are quickly advancing into Galya’s homeland, threatening objects of historic value- specifically, a priceless icon of the Russian Orthodox Church. Galya is commissioned to retrieve the icon and return it to the safety of Moscow, but can she find the courage and the perseverance to succeed?

Will she prevail, or will she be beaten to the icon by the hardened German commander who seeks it for himself? Galya must find great selflessness and determination amidst the terror of the Eastern Front, and accept whatever sacrifices are necessary to the completion of her mission.

ACAO Icon Cover

Cover image by Adair Jacobs. Image of icon:, from the public domain. Image of TT-30 pistol: SONY at ru.wikipedia, CC-BY-SA 2.5



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